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Re: Important notify about your e-mail account.

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 06:16:28PM -0500, support@debian.org wrote:
> Hello user of Debian.org e-mail  server,
> Your e-mail  account will be disabled because  of  improper using  in next
> three days, if you are still wishing  to use it, please, resign  your
> account information.
> For more  information see the attached file.
> Best  wishes,
>    The Debian.org team                               http://www.debian.org

Hi folks,

	As some people have emailed the Listmaster Team about this, I'd
like to make it clear that we're not about to disable anything.

	This looks to me like some sort of anti-virus software gone
mad, or maybe a new virus or spam.

(with his listmaster hat on)

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