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Re: easy way to install sid by ftp?

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 14:16, Steven Leach wrote:
> Did you try Woody?  Sid/Sarge installers seem to basically not work
> (yet?).  There is no reason, however, that you can't just install Woody
> and apt-get dist-upgrade (which is what I've done here).  Woody's
> installer is flawless.
> >  I would like to simply install sid with a basic system and add the
> > applications I want.  Is there no easy way to do this?

Yes, I did try Woody.  Once again, I get problems with the networking.  
Networking is up from the CD, but dead when rebooted from the hd.  Using CD 
in rescue mode gets it up again.  Some pcmcia nic config thing... I'm in hte 
middle of trying Mepis at the moment.  I'll see how that goes.



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