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Re: testing versus unstable: tradeoffs?

Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> writes:

> Personally, I run unstable on all the workstations I administer.
> But, then again, I like living dangerously :-)

Heh ;-)

> If your people want more current apps, then think about backports
> (either from www.backports.org, or doing it yourself).

Doing it myself didn't go so well.  Last time I tried to start with
apt-src which lead to this and that, and finally somebody told me
that if I continue, I get to make my very personal gcc transition.  I
didn't want to make my personal gcc transition ;-)

backports.org is a cool site, but it doesn't have *that* many
backports.  I'm using it at the moment, though.

> For some apps, like OpenOffice, you can just run the binary
> version of the website, rather than messing with a backport.


> If you use a good tool, like systemimager, to manage the
> replication, it will be a lot easier than wondering if something
> will break every time you apt-get upgrade.

Ah, systemimager.  I didn't know that exists.  I wonder what it
does.  I'm afraid that we need more than simple system images --
maybe systemimager provides this.


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