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Re: testing versus unstable: tradeoffs?

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
People at my site wish to migrate away from Debian stable to
something more current.  I understand that unstable is more bleeding
edge than testing, and that there is some kind of automatic process
whereby packages migrate from unstable to testing.  (That automatic
process makes sure there are no (critical?) bugs filed against the
package, and I think that a package needs to ripen for some time in
unstable, before being allowed to migrate to testing.)

Personally, I run unstable on all the workstations I administer.
But, then again, I like living dangerously :-)

If your people want more current apps, then think about backports
(either from www.backports.org, or doing it yourself).

For some apps, like OpenOffice, you can just run the binary
version of the website, rather than messing with a backport.

If you use a good tool, like systemimager, to manage the
replication, it will be a lot easier than wondering if something
will break every time you apt-get upgrade.


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