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Re: modules after kernel make - can't get new kernel finding its modules

On 1 Mar 2004 at 13:28, CW Harris wrote:

> I thought you were using make-kpkg?  It does all this for you when you
> "build" the .deb package.
So I thought: but it isn't!  I think that's because it's picking up a 
.config that isn't marking the module packages for inclusion

> What are the diff's between the working 2.4.18 config 
working 2.4.18-df2.4 

> and the new one? 
That lots of modules aren't marked for inclusion as loadable modules 
or compiled in ... I assume ... but the bottom line is that I don't 
know, exactly what they are as I have the basic source tree of 2.4.18 
from the distro and the working image from 2.4.18-bf2.4 but I don't 
know (do I?) what the .config is that made the 2.4.18-bf2.4 and if I 
could start from that I think I'd be home and dry and could just add 
RAID and take out quite a bit I don't need and probably add a bit of 
IP tracking ... trouble is, I can't see how I get that starting 
config for 2.4.18-bf2.4.  Any idea how do I find out?
Should it only be the RAID built-in? 
> Maybe start with the working config 
but I don't think the kernel-image package gives me that, or, to be 
more accurate, I'm sure it does but it's not in the /usr/src 
directory tree obviously and I'm looking for someone on the list who 
I'm sure does know, to tell me how I can get this ...

> and do "make menuconfig" (or whatever method you like) to add the RAID
> stuff, then try the make-kpkg sequence again. 
> Note you should have a config in /boot corresponding to the
> kernel-compile options (but there may be a config option to not use
> it? I seem to recall there might be, but I have always had
> /boot/config-2.4.xx)
Don't understand this.  Can you expand?
> You can also read the kernel-package README.gz file if you haven't
> already, to check you procedure using it, but your steps sound right
> to me. 
I know I've looked through that several times and it's probably I've 
got to that point where I keep misreading the same bit ...
> > TIA (and thanks again Martin: funny how down I get failing on these
> > things, feeling stupid, _and_ getting no answers!)
> Don't despair. Hang in there.
Thanks: appreciated!
> > 
> > Chris
> > PSYCTC: Psychotherapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Counselling
> Take an anti-depressant PRN :>
Nah, I'm a group therapist and family/systems therapist by main 
training so I guess I turn to the group/family PRN.  Sorry if it's a 
pain for those who really know what they're doing: I'd offer you a 
free place in a group but I run them in a high secure hospital so 
you'd have to kill someone first to get in...

Thanks again!

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