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Re: Power management with 2.4 kernel

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 04:34:18PM +0100, Israel Herraiz Tabernero wrote:
> > With kernel 2.4.22 I enabled power management in the BIOS and placed
> > "apm" in /etc/modules....Here is some ACPI-related dmesg output....

I wasn't clear from your message, how are you turning off you machine?
apm suspend usually (always?) requires a dedicated partition (which
usually needs to be created using a dedicated tool under M$) into which
it stores the memory, do you have that (output of fdisk -l may help)

Was changing the kernel accompanied with reinstallation or was it just
a kernel upgrade?

> You can (and should) not use ACPI and APM at the same time. If your
> motherboard supports ACPI, use it. Otherwise if your motherboard does
> not support ACPI but supports APM, use APM.
> It seems your motherboard only supports APM, so you should specify
> "append="apm=on acpi=off" in your /etc/lilo.conf, and remove all the
> acpi related packages (such as acpid).

There actually shouldn't be any problems using acpi and apm together as
acpi is used if it is detected and otherwise apm is used.
I looks from you mail that acpi is disabled due to the bios date. You
could check if there is a bios update for your computer, it may help.

> Maybe the ACPI daemon is catching key events when your laptop is
> sleeping, and therefore it can not wake up.
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