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Debian / NFS

Dear Debian Users,

I currently have a NAS server running Debian Linux with kernel 2.4.22 with XFS filesystem. The NAS currently has 1.5 gigs of Memory and is a Dual Pentium III 1.4 gigahertz machine. I have 4 machines that mount this NAS for e-mail/pop services. The mail servers are normally under very heavy loads and I notice that the load on the NAS skyrockets causing lots of issues with pop3. I am almost positive it is NFS issues and am trying to figure out how to better tune
the NFS on my NAS so i have less issues.

I am using the nfs-kernel-server and I have in my /etc/defaults/nfs-kernel-server

# Number of servers to start up

My /proc/net/rpc/nfsd shows:
th 300 6328317 437895.770 181412.220 96134.190 58149.750 38388.700 27054.990 20005.880 15421.700 12464.920 21369.570

My clients mount the NAS server using NFS options:

Anyone who can give me any information on what I can do to get better performance on the NAS and
hopefully end my NFS issues would be greatly appreciated.

Devin Atencio

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