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lish --

...and then i'll teach you to turn away. said...
% David T-G <davidtg-debian@justpickone.org> wrote:
% DTG> ...and then i'll teach you to turn away. said...
% DTG> come to mind, but those would be awfully long in binary.  [Of course,
% DTG> after seeing your back, maybe that's not such an issue, but a mons is
% DTG> so terribly large, so ...]
% 	i'll give you a hint. it's numerical binary, not alphabetical. & 


% placement plays a role.

Well, duh to that...  I didn't think it was just an empty piece of real
estate :-)

How about

  0100 0101

then?  If it isn't that then I'm out of ideas.

% DTG> What about a switch with a 1 and 0?  From what I've read of you so fa
% DTG> would obviously be 'turned on' :-)
% 	it's been a long, cold winter.
% 	& i live in florida, where winter barely drops below sixty.

*snort*  You call that winter?  That's a summer morning that's just cool
enough to wait until AFTER dawn to go water skiing!

% lish                                         "well i, i might be wrong,
% crank@got.net                              but you, you tag along." -mm


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