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Re: CLI (was "Re: cdparanoia & a song in negative space")

On 2004-02-17, i'll teach you to turn away. penned:
> Ken Gilmour <ken@sportsmail.ac> wrote:
> KG> People don't use command line any more? Hmm. I'm more familiar with the
> KG> command line version of all my PCs / servers than i am with a mouse ;) 
> KG> She wants my body and you know it.
> 	i'm not sure you could handle me. http://tinyurl.com/ail9
> 	:D

Unfortunately, too much slashdot/irc/gaming exposure has taught me to be
suspicious of all obscured links.

> 	i also have a DooM tattoo, speaking to the FPS reference later in 
> the thread.

Now, *that's* hard-core.


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