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On 2004-02-16, David T-G penned:
> --Xssso5lpTBgMxDfe
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> Monique --
>=2E..and then Monique Y. Herman said...
> %=20
> % On 2004-02-16, Ken Gilmour penned:
> % > On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 16:38, David T-G wrote:
> % > =20
> % >> What?!?  A girl who uses the command line?  That's even rarer than a
> % >> guy who uses the command line (hard enough to find these days).
> % >> Marry me!  [Admittedly, there might be some problems with my current
> % >> wife.]
> %=20
> % They're out there ... they just don't call attention to themselves
> Hmmm...  'They'?  Creative camouflage or are you a GUI girl?  [Or perhaps
> a gentleman with a rather surprising name?]

CLI whenever possible, and female to boot.  I'm not sure what prompted
me to use 'they'.

> % because they keep getting marriage proposals rather than help when they
> % post on venues like debian-user
> Heh.  Note that I actually provided a useful suggestion before doing any
> drooling ;-)

Yeah, and to be honest, I've gotten a lot of help from debian-user, so
my previous post was a bit unfair.

As a debian-using, computer-game-playing, skiing, mountain-biking,
ice-hockey-playing, martial-arts-practicing coder chica, I have a fair
number of online marriage proposals under my belt.  But to be honest,
they're fun, and a bit of an ego-boost, even if they're quite silly =P

(Now if only I played FPS games with any skill ...)


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