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mixing apt-get and aptitude

I primarily use aptitude for my updates now, but there seems to be one
catch for my particular usage.

I'm on dialup, and often wish to do my update and download my files at
late night or other times when we don't use the phone lines.  I desire
to use a script such as this :

getonline() {
   <dial ISP>

while ! aptitude update; do

while ! aptitude -dy upgrade; do

That way, if the connection is lost, it will redial and continue.

However, it seems that aptitude always exits with status 0 regardless of
what's happened.  FWIW, I've filed a wishlist bugreport in this regard.

Now, would it be the same to use apt-get for at least the update, or
perhaps even the -d upgrade?  It seems that apt-get upgrade does not
show up in dselect, and I wonder if there would be any probs between
apt-get and aptitude..

I like aptitude's way of keeping track with the status...

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