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Re: Gallery 1.4 claims newer PHP version

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 12:32:55 -0600
"David Dyer-Bennet" <dd-b@dd-b.net> wrote:

> "Jacob S." <stormspotter@6texans.net> writes:
> > Do you really need version 1.4 of gallery? There's a (slightly
> > older) version of Gallery in Debian Woody. "apt-get install
> > gallery". Then not only would you not need to upgrade php, but even
> > gallery would take advantage of Debian's advanced package management
> > system.
> It's very often this level of package that ends up driving system
> upgrades, in my experience.  End-users are very sensitive to
> features.  Gallery is moving forward fairly fast.  I certainly
> wouldn't want to downgrade from 1.4 myself. 
> I'm curious how Gallery works as a package; on my system it's
> installed in at least 3 separate directories that I know of (you need
> to do that to have multiple galleries on the server).  

True. In my case I was fortunate enough that my users didn't know what
they were missing - they were just glad that I had software that could
do that sort of thing at all. (In my case, this is mainly for family and
friends. I know this doesn't work in a lot of business environments.
I'm fairly sure it would not work for any of my customers.)

Gallery installs itself to work with the default domain for a stock
Apache install. To get it working on multiple domains, you have to copy
and reconfigure some stuff (I've never tried this myself, so I may be
making it sound much simpler than it actually is.)

If all else fails, you could always use equivs to tell dpkg and apt that
you have a newer version installed.


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