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Re: Buying a new computer, questions!

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 06:55:06PM +0000, M.Kirchhoff wrote:
> Nano Nano <40119.nospam <at> comcast.net> writes:
> > This low-latency ram is supposed to be nice.  All my games play 
> > extremely well but Doom 3 is about out.  
> Under Windows? I'm still tethered to XP for certain games that do not work under
> WINE. Always interested in tips from those who've mastered the frustrating art
> of gaming under Linux. I'm glad to see a trend toward multi-platform releases,
> though. For example, the next version of Unreal will be released for Windows,
> Linux, and Mac...

Yes, I still use Windows XP for Games, writing my resume, and filing my 
taxes.  However, I use Linux for e-Government, online banking, and 
managing my investment portfolio (such as it is), querying my library 
record with some perl scripts, and things.

Longhorn will ship around 2006.  I changed my XP partition to the new PC 
for games, but I mostly use Debian on it.  My old PC now runs Windows 
2000 from with an old MSDN valid key that I (legally) have.  I use it 
with my Creative Digital VCR and to serve files, I *would* use Linux but 
DVCR doesn't work in Linux.

Longhorn will ship in 2006.  It will be interesting in the state of 
Linux as to whether or not I feel compelled to purchase it at full 
retail price.  Hopefully in 2 years I will have left Microsoft behind 

I went ahead and bought the new P4 3.2 and it overclocks to a 3.36 (5%).  
My PC4000 does 5 MB/sec on a SiSoft Sandra memory benchmark -- its 
capacity is 5.6 MB/sec, but you have to use a 2.4 or 2.6 overclocked to 
a 3.2 to get that kind of speed.  It's plenty fast.

Linux kernel 2.6.2 compiles in 6 minutes, which is roughly 100% faster 
than the P4 1.7.  abcde/cdparanoia/flac fly.  Mplayer and Fire{bird,fox} 
compile 100% faster.  Openoffice finally starts in reasonably quickly!
Totally worth it!

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