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Re: i would like to read some root files on a distant debian host

* Steven Leach <stevenaleach@mac.com> [2004:02:08:09:47:45-0500] scribed:
> You have no business trying to access files in any account that is not 
> yours, much less the system administrator's account of a system that is 
> not yours.  Grow Up.
> If anyone on the list can read french, please forward this jerk's 
> message to the administrator at nordnet.fr  -  I tried to get an email 
> address but couldn't find contact information for that domain name.  
> Also, babblefish choked on their website, so I was unable to find 
> anything that I could be sure was the correct email address to send to.
> On Feb 8, 2004, at 2:13 AM, bruno doutriaux wrote:
> >>i would like to read some root files on a distant debian host.
> >>could somebody help me.
> >>(i have some hints: the debian host is using gaim 0.75 which has 
> >>security
> >>fails and i would like to also listen it with a trojan, is it 
> >>possible on a
> >>debian?)

   # whois nordnet.fr | grep @ | grep -v ^changed:
   e-mail:      tech@nic.fr
   trouble:     Questions: mailto:nic@nic.fr
   trouble:     Spam: mailto:abuse@nic.fr
   trouble:     Test: mailto:ping@nic.fr
   e-mail:      archambeaud@goto.fr
   e-mail:      du@nordnet.fr
   notify:      noc@rain.fr
   e-mail:      piet@goto.fr


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mds resource
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