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Re: Problem getting sound to work

On 2004-02-07, Mark Healey penned:
> How do I do those?  It also doesn't work as root.  And, another bit of
> information.  When I try system sounds there is nothing.  When I try
> xmms it hangs (xmms, not the system).

Hrm.  I have noticed that xmms hangs if it's using the enlightenment
sound daemon and esd has crapped out.  (Which it seems to do

Does `ps -eaf | grep esd` show anything?  If so, perhaps kill that
process, run the same command manually, and see if xmms is happier.

If xmms is using esd, you will see eSound chosen in
XMMS->options->preferences under Output Plugin.  If it's not using esd,
then this is a red herring.

Actually, what *is* chosen under Output Plugin?

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