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Re: recommended reading?


On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 02:54:53AM +0000, Steve Hargreaves wrote:
> Hi folks
> What would people recommend I start with (assume I'm a complete novice) that 
> will guide me through the basics of Linux (and more specifically, debian) 
> that I can get without trawling the web and spending several pound on printer 
> ink and paper to get (and if my local library can get hold of it - even 
> better).

Any basic Unix guide books and web based infoormation are good start if
you have not read them. Scroll down link here to see my recommendation


Oh, I wrote one specifically for Debian (or I should say with some
merging of existing information to make one central user document for

Debian Reference
  * This has a newer version.
  * Translation may contain older information.
     (Oops, that reminds me to rebuild them with the latest translations)
  * This is the old version.  
  * Due to DDP project CVS issues, it is not updated recently.

Also all the document listed in
shall be the good start.


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