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Re: Phone dialer for Linux

On Sat, February 07 at 12:22 AM EST
David P James <dpjames@rogers.com> wrote:

>On February 06, 2004 18:12, Darik Horn wrote:
>>  > I'm looking for something that can be used in a way sort of like
>>  > the following:
>>  >
>>  > ~$ somedialer  -P{ulse}  -D /dev/ttys0 -N <1 234 567 8910>
>> Try minicom, tip, and cu.  Use whatever best fits your taste.
>tip doesn't even exist in the repository (at least not by that name)
>and minicom seems too much for what I want. So I tried cu:
>~$ cu -c 5551234
>cu: must specify system, line, port or speed
>Usage: cu [options] [system or phone-number]
>Use cu --help for help
>ok... so let's try:
>~$ cu -l /dev/ttyS0 -c 5551234
>cu: No matching ports
>I don't know what it is about modem-related programs and their
>manpages, but they are among the most confusing manpages in existence.
>I swear someone invented ethernet one day out of frustration of trying
>to get an understanding of dialing out on a modem. Am I supposed to
>have a config file? Where should it be? The man page and --help output
>make mention of a "named port". This sounds like a funny concept to me,
>but it does suggest a config file is necessary. Unfortunately the man
>page makes no mention of where that config file should be or more 
>importantly how it should be structured.

>From the cu man page:
       cu locates a port to use in the UUCP configuration files.  If a 
       simple system  name  is given, it will select a port
       appropriate for that system.  The -p, --port, -l, --line,
       -s and--speed options may be used to control the port selection.

Since you are doing that assignment via the options you should be able
to skip the UUCP config files.  
What if you just do 
#cu -l ttyS0

??? Can you then just send commands to the modem?  Try ATDP. Also make
sure you have permissions set on the device file - /dev/ttyS0 or S1 or
whatever - try chmod 777 /dev/ttyS0 if you aren't sure.

Let me know what happens as once I take my box down and throw in a
serial port I plan to do this as well (this has been my plan for about
18 months) if it goes well for you I will *finally* get to it though!

Shawn Lamson

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