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Re: Debian on the rise ! - However ....

On 2/2/04 11:03 AM, "Monique Y. Herman" wrote:

>> ... However, this list gets out of hands. With a few hundered posts
>> per day; it's almost impossible to follow.  Plus: the increase of
>> noise / dups.  Just today, we had a few people asking from scratch
>> about security being down. Reminded to read the archives, the repeated
>> argument was: Too many posts, takes too long.  Where will this end us
>> ?

I for one think this is one of the most tolerant list around, non of the
typical READ THE ARCHIVES, That has been answered go search. Many pop back
with an answer and may remind us forgetting fools (me included) that it is
in the archives but yet answer anyway. That is building a sense of

Also just because it's in the archives doesn't mean it is relevant today.
Things change, people find other answers or improvements all the time.

We are on a list for a certain flavor of server appliance and the List
Masters (they think they are) do the READ THE ARCHIVES with out adding any
help. Because of that mentality we helped start a mirrored list with out the
RULES that discourage others.

My 2 ¢
David Thurman
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