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Re: Debain on the rise ! - However ....

On 2004-02-02, Uwe Dippel penned:
> This was on Slashdot and this is what I see around me.  Very good,
> applause !
> ... However, this list gets out of hands. With a few hundered posts
> per day; it's almost impossible to follow.  Plus: the increase of
> noise / dups.  Just today, we had a few people asking from scratch
> about security being down. Reminded to read the archives, the repeated
> argument was: Too many posts, takes too long.  Where will this end us
> ?
> It is adorable, how some questions being asked over and over are
> answered with a great patience !  But it doesn't necessarily advance
> us. Many things I'd like to read (and know) simply never show in this
> wheel.
> How about creating sub-topics ? Newbies, X, Kernel (2.6),
> Applications, Advocating, General Discussion, Printing, you-name-it.
> I'd like to learn, share and give, but currently about 80-90 % of what
> I see is repetition, noise, shallow. Even clicking through
> (downloading) takes simply too much time.
> What do others think ?

I think that genuine newbies who don't know how to find information in
the first place, and may not know which domain applies to their
particular problems, anyway, will end up posting to the "wrong" list
anyway, and getting flamed for it ... causing more noise ...

If there are many things you'd like to know about, why don't you post
and ask about them?  No one is forcing you to read through all of the
myriad threads on this list.  Just mark uninteresting threads "deleted"
and move on.


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