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Re: Debain on the rise ! - However ....

I received one lightning-fast private response to my post. Unfortunately, it isn't of much help, and I don't think it's an example of Debian support at its best!

I've removed the name of the sender, but I thought that the response was interesting enough to warrant posting to the list.

At 01:47 PM 2/2/04 -0500, someone wrote:
W. B. Maguire II wrote:


p.s. I'll stick-around for another day or so, to see the responses to this thread, but in the meantime I'm Gentoo-ing! :-)

You're kidding right? If you're having issues with Debian, you won't be able to deal with Gentoo. It's for the eliteists...trust me. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Do you have any idea how condescending and arrogant "You have no idea what you're talking about" sounds?

Actually, I *do* have an *idea*, because I've been researching it for the last two days, and I'm in the middle of the install process right now. Now, I'm not claiming that two days of web-reading and one partial install amounts to any real experience, but I've gotten further than I did with Debian. I've been using Red Hat for about a year, and I've learned quite a bit, but that knowledge does *not* include compiling my own kernel just to take step *one* in the Debian install process!

It would be *nice* if Debian could recognize the hardware like Red Hat 9 did, but I can certainly understand why it didn't. On the other hand, if I can't find any help on how to proceed to install Debian, then---like I said---I'm pretty much shut down.


p.s. How much experience do you have with Gentoo? Is your opinion based on anything substantial? An unsubstantiated "my distro is better than yours" doesn't really help me much!

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