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Re: stable or testing?

Simon, I am also a recent convert from redhat to Debian. It would be good to 
share experiences of moving production systems over. I have got setup with 
'stable' but I have had to upgrade php / apache / mysql. For mysql I managed 
to use backports. For php4 / apache, I compiled from source. 

I would be interested to hear about some of the issues I should be aware of 
when compiling software from source alongside apt packages. What would the 
recommendations be?


On Sunday 01 February 2004 22:43, Adam Aube wrote:
> On Sunday 01 February 2004 05:37 pm, Simon Buchanan wrote:
> > Should i be using stable or testing for the live servers? Be aware i am
> > only just getting to grips with 'the debian way'... I guessing 'stable'?
> You guessed correctly - production servers definitely should use stable.
> If you need a more updated version of a program for one of your servers,
> you can check out Debian Backports (www.backports.org).
> Adam

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