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Re: Cleanup and OpenOffice (was: Windows and Printing Systems)

How do I clean up?

dpkg-reconfigure debconf

Says debconf not installed. Is that grave? I wasn't able to understand what debconf is yet.

Next I'd like to have OpenOffice. Any advice?

I didn't see in this thread if you were running stable, testing, or unstable.

That's part of the problem. I had to try several versions to try to get e.g. kde and gnome (which failed). I whish there was some *really* stable network source.

If you are running testing or unstable, just use "apt-get install openoffice.org".


If you are using stable, see Debian Backports (www.backports.org) for a source for the OpenOffice.org backports to stable (Latest News, 2003/12/17).
I tried with the specific openoffice source mirrors. Failed. I'll check out this "backports" thing. Thanks. But I find it really strange that Debian system is such a patchwork, given that there is so many packages in stable.

/* I still have hope, but I'm having really a lot of trouble to install and run even the simplest things. I needed an editor with word wrap, but I only have xedit. Emacs also fails to install. I tried Abiwork, but it crashed making me loose a lot of work. I'm writing this message right now in mozilla without cursor! It seems to have turned white by its own will. I feel like "it must be me, I'm cursed", because so many people are using Debian seemingly without these basic problems. */

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