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Debain on the rise ! - However ....

This was on Slashdot and this is what I see around me.
Very good, applause !

... However, this list gets out of hands. With a few hundered posts per
day; it's almost impossible to follow.
Plus: the increase of noise / dups. 
Just today, we had a few people asking from scratch about security being
down. Reminded to read the archives, the repeated argument was: Too many
posts, takes too long.
Where will this end us ?

It is adorable, how some questions being asked over and over are answered
with a great patience !
But it doesn't necessarily advance us. Many things I'd like to read (and
know) simply never show in this wheel.

How about creating sub-topics ? Newbies, X, Kernel (2.6), Applications,
Advocating, General Discussion, Printing, you-name-it.
I'd like to learn, share and give, but currently about 80-90 % of what I 
see is repetition, noise, shallow. Even clicking through (downloading) 
takes simply too much time.

What do others think ?

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