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Re: Mobo with fan controls

One other reminder that PCs were designed for the corporate environment.
People at home open the windows. And after being a home a few years, the
fans have clogged the heat sinks with dust, and the system fries. I run
with the hood off. Also take off the cover on the power supply, and
threw away the fan. The passive heat dispersal keeps the power supply
cooler, and it dont suck dust. If you dont like the way it looks, drape
a doily or damask table cloth over it.

It will emit EMI. You got cable dont you? Big deal. the high amp line is
running at 3.3vdc; you got 120vac in the walls. If you are worried about
high frequency radio waves in your body, then why dont you worry about
low frequency magnetic field waves that are a lot stronger? The reason
the touch base lamp switches work, is that they detect the low frequency
energy absorbed by your body from the AC wiring in the house. The
Gaussian effect is several orders of magnitude higher.

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