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Re: USB Hard Drive on Debian (woody) - Kernel 2.4.24

Am Sat, 31 Jan 2004 12:22:52 -0500 schrieb Barry Skidmore:

Hi Barry,

> The sd_mod module does not exist on my system.  As I recall, when I
> compiled the 2.4.24 kernel, I did not include scsi support, as I forgot
> that it is required for usb drives.  So, I need to recompile the kernel
> with scsi support, is that correct?

Yes. You need the usb-storage module, which is an "interface between the
USB stack and the SCSI layer".

The usb-guide says:

"Since the mass storage driver presents the USB device as a SCSI device,
you need to turn on SCSI support, which is under SCSI support in the
configuration script. You should also turn on subordinate options as
appropriate to your mass storage device - usually one or more of SCSI disk
support, SCSI tape support, SCSI CD-ROM support and SCSI generic support.

After you have compiled the kernel and rebooted (or added the relevant
modules, which is usb-storage.o), you should check /proc/scsi/scsi.
Information about your device should be listed."


Good luck,

p.s. sd_mod is not necessarily the module you need, but scsi support is
needed anyway. sd_mod just happened to be the one that I needed on the

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