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Re: Mobo with fan controls

On 2004-01-30, s. keeling penned:
> Incoming from Hugo Vanwoerkom:
>> I am looking for a mobo that has controls on for all its fans so they
>> can be turned off or down when not needed, like the laptops do.
> I have never understood you guys who want to do this with finesse.
> Just brute force it!  Get a desk that has a big enough pedestal or
> drawer that you can fit the system unit into (Ikea sold one for
> C$50.00).  Soundproof that enclosure, run connector wires out the back
> to your monitor, mouse, and keyboard, drill holes in the enclosure and
> cover them with dust filter material.  Then just close the door on the
> thing.  You won't even need the system unit cover on your box anymore.
> Point noisy, high volume fans directly at hot spots.  Who cares how
> much sound they make?  They're inside a sound proof enclosure!

Umm ...

I'm no expert, but I think you'd overheat your machine rather rapidly,
unless of course the drawer is about the size of a room.  Ventilation is


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