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Re: New Kernel Hangs on Init: Version 2.84 Booting

On 2004-01-30, Andreas Janssen penned:
> Hello
> Adam Aube (<aaube01@baker.edu>) wrote:
>> On Thursday 29 January 2004 10:45 pm, Damian wrote:
>>> I've successfully downloaded and installed Debian Woody, yeah!
>>> However after installation I needed to rebuild the kernel to support
>>> my sound card (Soundblaster Live! 5.1).  I also have a 200 gb IDE
>>> HDD and read that I needed to use the 2.4 kernel to support the
>>> lba48 addressing that the drive needs to use.  At the moment the
>>> drive only shows up as 137gb.
>> Your hard drive has likely been partitioned as if it were 137 GB.
>> Installing a new kernel won't fix that - you'll have to repartition
>> your drive, which means a complete reinstall.
>> I think you need to reinstall Woody and select the bf24 kernel at
>> installation time. This will detect your large hard drive correctly,
>> allowing you to partition it correctly.
> No, it won't. You need at least Kernel 2.4.19 to use lba48. The
> Kernels in Woody won't work. Better look for some installation
> floppies with a newer one. Google groups should know where you can get
> them.

I used the netinstall CD just a few days ago, and it had the 2.4.24
kernel.  So if the bandwidth to suck down new packages isn't a problem,
isn't that the better way to go?


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