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Re: script to list installed packages

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 02:21:38PM -0500, Einstein9112@yahoo.com wrote:
> The origional idea for this was for instances of having installed 
> something to try it out, then removing it.  If a bunch of dependencies 
> were pulled in, I don't remember what they are.  Over time this leads to 
>  lots of cruft on the system that takes time to weed through.
> It would also be helpful for sysadmins to keep records of maintainance. 
>  Plus, how many times have people said on this list "I did a 
> dist-upgrade a few days ago, and now...." or "I THINK foo was 
> installed/upgraded ....".

I use this script to do what you say:

By taking a snapshot of what you have installed each day, you can diff 
any two and see what changed, when.  My scripts also move 
replaced/updated debs to archive directories by date, but you can also 
get them from snapshot.debian.net.

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