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Re: script to list installed packages

Thanks, for all the replies, they've been very helpfull.

At this point I should probably clarify what I'd like to do, since thinking about it has brought about some changes. Dpkg keeps a record of a few things- mainly package lists, their current state, and their selected state. This is all great unless you'd like to automatically keep track of changes made in package status. What I'm thinking of is a list of timestamped package changes- for example:

2004-1-29-1409 :

gimp-1.4 	installed
xpdf-3.8 	installed
wget-2.5 	updated
netselect-5.3 	removed

2004-129-1430  :


The more thought I put into this, the more I'm convinced that this should be a part of dpkg itself. Even so, I'd still like to script this anyway as a proof of concept. Also, this would make the functionality available to other distros without any kind of backporting needed.

The origional idea for this was for instances of having installed something to try it out, then removing it. If a bunch of dependencies were pulled in, I don't remember what they are. Over time this leads to lots of cruft on the system that takes time to weed through.

It would also be helpful for sysadmins to keep records of maintainance. Plus, how many times have people said on this list "I did a dist-upgrade a few days ago, and now...." or "I THINK foo was installed/upgraded ....".

Keep the thought and comments coming.


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