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Re: disregard post re: sound!

On 2004-01-29, John Hasler penned:
> Monique writes:
>> You know that red line that goes through the speaker icon on the
>> gnome panel?  Yeah, apparently that means it's set to "mute," and
>> clicking it fixes the problem, and gets rid of the ugly line.
> Is this documented somewhere that a user is likely to look?  If not
> the moron is the programmer who came up with it.  Why should it be
> considered obvious that a red line means mute and that clicking it
> turns it off?

I will admit to being the sort that, when it comes to gui apps, only
tries documentation as a last resort, so I can't answer this question.
Maybe I'll check when I get home and have access to the machine.

The odd part is that it was muted at all.  And now that I think of it,
I'm not sure if I just clicked on it, or if I did something to bring up
the volume dialog, which might also have had a mute checkbox.  I just
don't recall =/

Anyway, I am perfectly willing to blame myself, and not the dev, on this
one.  I was probably confused because I'm used to thinking of apps on
linux as separate entities, and so I don't expect a gnome panel to
affect xmms.  It's a feature; just an unexpected one.


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