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Re: disregard post re: sound!

On 2004-01-29, Kent West penned:
> Monique Y. Herman originally wrote:
>> What might cause xmms to go from audibly playing a song to seemingly
>> playing a song (progress bar moving, lines bouncing up and down as
>> the song plays) without producing any actual sound?
> Then she said to disregard that post, and wrote:
>>I am a moron.  That is all.
> But in what way? Inquiring minds want to know.

Fine, drag my shame out into the light of day.

You know that red line that goes through the speaker icon on the gnome
panel?  Yeah, apparently that means it's set to "mute," and clicking it
fixes the problem, and gets rid of the ugly line.  Shocking, I know.

I had previously been getting error messages and been trying various
things to fix them.  It eventually dawned on me that my user needed to
be in the audio group.  Anyway, I had some vague notion that the red
line might indicate "stuff not working" rather than simply mute ...
until I clicked on it ...

I still haven't figured out how sound drivers, alsa, and esd interact.
Apparently I don't need alsa *or* esd running to get sound, which is
probably a good thing, as alsa doesn't seem to support my onboard sound.
Still, there must be a reason that alsa and esd exist ... so ... back to
the docs for me.


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