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Re: Debian list = spam and virus repeater/multiplexer

s. keeling wrote:
Which brings up another thing; all the talk about scanning the list
for viruses, only allowing those subscribed to post, etc., yada yada.
If they weren't using Windows to read mail, they wouldn't have a
problem, would they?  Why are so many considering reworking the list
just to satisfy fools who insist on using deficient mail software?

Noone suggested scanning the list for viruses. But read my post as there is more to it than just an inconvenience. Lesser load on the server doing the work, a cleaner list overall, etc. I don't believe anyone who is asking for sensible configuration of the list is hindered by their mail software[*].

[*] And before you even think it up until a week ago I was using Thunderbird on Linux. Mutt before that. Sylpheed-Claws before that. Currently mail goes through SMTP time checks against viruses and spam and is filtered by Exim at delivery so I may access it via IMAP. So no, it is not deficient software that motivates it. It's the 40 freakin' false virus notices that should not be distributed in the first place. Yes, I can filter them just fine. Point is I should have to because it is ONE configuration option on the server side which benefits not only the reader base but their own server.

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