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Re: Debian list = spam and virus repeater/multiplexer


On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Bojan Baros wrote:

> Hello deb users.
> I got a little issue with receiving some of the mails through this
> list...
> The entire list have been subjected to the inflow of spam, viruses,
> auto-responders finding virus or spam, clueless users or someone who
> just wants to mess around with the list.
> Why isn't there a limitation that will only allow the mails to be
> forwarded to the list if the originating email is subscribed to the
> list?  Yes, I know, email address can be forged, not a complete
> solution, yada yada yada, but it would stop at least some of the junk
> coming through.  Another option could be moderating the off-list
> emails.
> Obviously, there might be some good reasons for this behavior that I
> am not aware off (besides "it helps me build up my Bayes database and
> test my av"), so please enlighten me.
> Bojan
I think there is a nice practical reason for this. The list operator
doesn't have time to delete every spam user from this list. The operator
is also someone who is maintaining the list in his free time.



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