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Re: Documentation and Usability

Paul E Condon wrote:

I a newbie. I've been using Debian about 4y, but I'm a slow learner.
I picked up on this thread because the topic of helping newbies is
particularly dear to me. But I didn't notice its beginning. So, I
decided to look at it in the archives, and I need some help. I cut and pasted the subject line into the search engine on the archive search web page and hit return. Back came a page that said there were no hits for this topic.
What might I have done wrong?

Nothing, well, other than top-posting, and quoting a bunch of irrelevant material :-)

The problem is that, at least as I see it, the search engine on Debian's mail archives pages sucks. Big time. Majorly. For one thing, you typically need to separate words with semi-colons instead of just copy/pasting. Nuts. Absolutely, freaking nuts. (Maybe there's some major manipulate-the-world power that I'm missing, but it's not a very usable search engine for you and me.)

I think you'll find it easier to search using Google and clicking on the groups tab.


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