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Re: need advice on fixing my home lan

Johann Koenig wrote:
On Friday January  9 at 11:57am
Mike Dresser <mdresser_l@windsormachine.com> wrote:

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Johann Koenig wrote:

it is transferring. About 1-1.5 megabytes per second is good for a
100 megabit link. If it is substantialy less, its probabyl running
at 10 megabits.

Well, on this P4 2.53ghz, i regularly see 10.5 meg per second from a
similar host, even the celeron 533's around here can usually manage

No gigabit here to see how fast it _could_ go, cpu usage is pegged at
about 65%, so I'd guess about 13-14 meg per second with the default
encryption.  Does about 30% cpu usage with blowfish.

Heh, should probably mention that my numbers are from transferring from
a 233mhz P2 to a 900mhz AMD T-Bird. I guess the P2 was probably pegged
at the time ;)

I get 2 MB/s doing scp to or from my Pentium Pro 200 MHz file server.
That pegs it at 100% CPU.

I get 6.5 - 7 MB/s to my P-III 700 MHz machine from a faster machine.


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