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emergency: Openoffice, Fonts, what a mess


today, I did the usual apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on my
girfriend's machine.
In the process, the Openoffice backport was upgraded from 1.0.xx to
1.1.xx. This has severe side effects.

In short: practically all the homework she has done over the christmas
holidays (and has to submit tomorrow morning) has been messed up quite a
bit. Going over it manually would take hours even if she was fresh and
wide awake -- however, it's already early in the morning over here.

As far as I can tell, it is related to fonts having magically
disappeared. At any rate, she now has only five fonts available to chose
from -- in effect the layout has been garbled.
The symbol font she originally used (don't as which) is also gone. Now
there's OpenSymbol available, but all the greek letters she has entered
so far are merely blanks.

I'm quite at a loss, and she's in tears. I have no clue what actually
has happened other than the now missing fonts. Nor do I know what
actually has been changed in this painsome upgrade, or how I could find
out, or undo it. 

If anybody has a clue what has happened, or even knows a fix, please
tell me. Anything. Doesn't need to be nice, as long as we can print her
stuff the way it was meant to look like.

My own approach to the problem will be to install as many fonts as I can
in the hope that things will be in order once the fonts she originally
used are available again. However, I don't know where to get them other
than by picking packages through aptitude. I think I installed
everything that seemed appropriate for western europe, but I'll look
again after this is sent.

In the meantime, she'll start going over her files manually.

She says the fonts she used were "Times" and "Symbol".
IIRC, those were from Microsoft. Someday, I had a package that
downloaded them. I don't even know which package that was, or why they
now seem to be gone.

Any help would be great.


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