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Re: X fonts problem

Dear Olivier,

On (02/01/04 12:36), Olivier Sirven wrote:
> I'm running a debian unstable release and I've got a problem with my X
> fonts. I've installed the fixed font but X doesn't want to load it (I can't
> see it under KDE).

I think we have the same trouble ...
I have upgraded recently from woody to unstable ...
Then I loosed some fonts ... first I loosed Helvetica font, and also all my 
Fixed [Jis] and Fixed [Sony] fonts ... may be others but I use mainly 
Helvetica and Fixed [Jis] for Kate or Konsole ...

> I've also a strange error message in my X log :
> "Not loading .note.GNU-stack"
> This message is repeated many times during X startup...

I have also this ... not many times ... but regulary in the log ...

> So if anybody here can tell me how to correct these stuffs.... ;)

For the moment ... I have solved my trouble with Helvetica ... but just 
removing the comments in the /etc/fonts/local.conf of the   
Like this I get the Helvetica font again in the list ... but the font is not 
like before with the woody ... seems to be antialiased ... but not beautiful 
on the screen ... :o( (and the aliasing option is uncheck in the KDE options)

If anyone have an idea to get back Helvetica in good look, and also my 
favorites Fixed font ... I'll be very pleased !

Hervé Piedvache

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