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Re: lost dhcp on boot up

Jan Minar wrote:

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 09:49:00AM -0700, Paul Schwartz wrote:
I just made and installed my first kernel [2.4.18]! and booted too!
One problem is that the network initialization that used to occur [2.4.18-bf24] doesn't. The ether net card is recognized but my machine no longer does an inquiry to the router to get an address.

The dhcp on bootup is used only if you want to mount the root filesystem
over network.  See the kernel docs for details.  The userspace
configuration is done in /etc/init.d/network, and /etc/network/*.  Look
for dhcp in interfaces(5).

dhcp is specified for eth0 in the interfaces file.  nothing seems to happen.
Where do I look for an error message?


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