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Re: modprobe says not found - insmod ok ????

On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 04:21:41PM -0500, Lou Losee wrote:
> After recently recompiling my kernel to 2.4.22 I am having a problem
> with my usb mouse.  During boot, I get a msg from modprobe that module
> usbmouse is not found.  However, it does exist in the
> /lib/modules/xxx/kernel/drivers/usb directory where xxx matches the
> output of uname-r.
> So the net of this is I get to the kdm login screen with no mouse
> capability.  If I switch to terminal 1 (i.e., C-A-F1), logon and issue
> modprobe usbmouse, modprobe says the module is not found.  However if I
> issue insmod usbmouse the module loads and the mouse works great.
> Any ideas?  I have been reading all of the modxxx manpages and the doc
> and have not been able to come up with anything.  All/any help would be
> appreciated.

Hi, Lou!

That looks quite strange.  So strange noone dares to respond, maybe.
What Debian version do you run?  What does ``modinfo usbmouse'' output?
I suppose you've tried ``depmod'' without any arguments--does it say
anything?  Same about ``update-modules''.  What about ``grep -drecurse -e
usbmouse /etc/modutils''?


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