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Re: compiling kernel

GCS said:
> But no other problem really. Anyway, I _do agree with you strongly_:
> 2.6.0 is not for widespread yet. I will switch at ~2.6.10 on my servers,
> depending the fixes get in by that time. Until then I use
> 2.4.23+grsecurity.
You are on my same wavelength.
I thought I was the only person that did 2.4.23+grecurity on mission
critical production servers.
I run 2.4.23+grsec on my most important departmental servers, that if they
died or whatnot, I would have 300 people in my face.

I sure wish debian had a secure version of the kernel; a binary version of
grsecurity would add a huge amount of security.
Their really is no comparison between exec-shield and grsecurity.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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