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Re: hard disk access on every keystroke in console mode!

michelle wrote:
> That's it. That explains the disk activity in single user mode. I tried a 
> console login after normal boot and thought I had the same issue, but it's 
> something altogether different. The normal login does some sort of database 
> updating that does a lot of disk access (find, sort, and updatedb show up 
> in a ps listing. What is this for BTW?)

That's the daily debian cron job. If it's happening 5 minutes after boot
you're probably running anacron, or tyically get up and log in at 7 am
or whenever that runs.

> I was doing a kernel compile and booted to single user thinking it would be 
> faster, but all of the logging made it much slower. Can I kill bootlogd in 
> single user mode when I don't want it?

bootlogd was disabled by default in a recent ugrade of the sysvinit
package. It is *very* useful for headless boxes and lots of other things

see shy jo

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