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Re: XF86Config for ATI Radeon 9000

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From: "Joseph A. Nagy, Jr." <pagan_prince@bigfire-hsv.org>
> Reporting back as promised.
> As you can see its saying it can't find any compatible drivers for my
> Radeon.
> Also, I removed xserver-common and xserver-xfree86 and installed them
> from the experimental tree and discover reported that it couldn't find
> any xservers for my particular card (the attached error.log is from
> after installing from the experimental tree). It says that driver
> version 1.1 is installed (or is it 1.3?) and that 1.5 is needed. :(

Well, my xserver is now up and running, but I am now having problems
with kdm. :(

Oh well, at least I've made some progress, thanks! *ponders printing off
these emails*

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