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Re: OT-Make more noise.

On 16 Dec 2003 at 9:26, Geoff Bagley wrote:

> The problem I face with my local dealer (Evesham)  is not 
> That is already there.   The problem is that I don't want Windows, and
> don't want to pay for it since I won't sign the EALA, and don't want to
> support Big Bill's pension fund.
> They (Evesham) refuse to sell without Windows XP.

Perhaps you could go in there with a list of specs that you are looking 
for in a system, clearly stating how much you are willing to spend?  Then 

when they still refuse to sell a system without XP, you leave.  If enough 

people do that, perhaps the dealers will start to realize just how much 
they are losing in sales by insisting that all their systems have XP 
preinstalled on them, and they just might reconsider that misguided 

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