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Re: XF86Config for ATI Radeon 9000

> > Joseph A. Nagy, Jr. wrote:
> >
> > >Okay, so after some googling and help I've installed alien,
> > >xserver-common and x-window-system-core, used apt pinning to get
> XFree86
> > >4.3 and re-ran xf86config
> > >
> > >'startx' still fails as does 'kdm'
> > >
> > >What can I do?
> > As long as startx fails (X fails to start), kdm will fail.
> >
> > Run "startx 2>errorlog.txt" and then look in errorlog.txt for any
> lines
> > that begin with (EE). That's most likely the culprit.
> >
> > -- 
> > Kent
> Thanks, I'll report back tomorrow (I'm on my way to bed right now)
> the results.

Reporting back as promised.

As you can see its saying it can't find any compatible drivers for my

Also, I removed xserver-common and xserver-xfree86 and installed them
from the experimental tree and discover reported that it couldn't find
any xservers for my particular card (the attached error.log is from
after installing from the experimental tree). It says that driver
version 1.1 is installed (or is it 1.3?) and that 1.5 is needed. :(

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