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Re: What is going on here?

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 05:31:35AM +0100, Oliver Fuchs wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, ScruLoose wrote:
> > I sent him a brisk note and promptly killfiled him.  ;-)
> You killfiled him ... how does it look like ... what weapons did you use
> ... was he bleeding ... he should burn in /dev/null.


Well, it looks kind of like this:
  if      $h_From:  contains  "SChandrasenan@verance.com"
  then    seen finish

...and the weapon is exim's filtering in my .forward file.

...He _was_ bleeding even before I got there (bleeding confidential
information all over the list, that is); but I think he's got that
under control.

According to my logs, there hasn't been a single message discarded by
that rule in the 24 hours or so since I put it in place, so I guess he
had his problem fixed before I cast him into the slow fires of
I'll probably let him out in a few days.   ;-)

Now I'm wondering whether the recently-posted scripts for killfiling
someone from a hotkey in mutt could be beefed up to include time-limited
killfiling... (timestamp the lines, and have a cron job parse the file
and delete "expired" filters... hmmm...)

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