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Re: What is going on here? Re: FW: eject won't work any more

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 03:05:21PM -0500, H. S. wrote:
> What is this going on? How come my mail is being forwarded by this guy 
> "Sreelal Chandrasenan"? Or is it something to do with his procmail rules 
> or something similar?

From the looks of it, yes.
It looks like he's somehow managed to set up a rule that forwards
_all_ his received mail to debian-user. Lots of the hundred-odd messages
I'm seeing his name on are _obviously_ nothing to do with us. (Reminders
of meetings he has to attend at work, etc.).

I sent him a brisk note and promptly killfiled him.  ;-)

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