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Re: Install confusion

Andreas Janssen wrote:


Paul Schwartz (<brpms@earthlink.net>) wrote:

Right now  I am booting from floppy because I don't want to screw up
my legacy system [OS/2 4.52 which uses a Boot Manager and LVM. I think
it can be sensitive to changes in boot stuff] until I have the Debian
system working to some minimal level of completeness.

As I already wrote, you can install lilo on floppy, but use the kernel
from the hard disk It is installed in /boot anyway. This way, your boot
loader for OS/2 and other OS partitions will not be touched. This way,
booting will also be much faster.


lilo -b /dev/fd0

best regards
       Andreas Janssen

Thanks again. I was a little dense on the first hint, but I think I understand now. I am installing the 2.4.18 kernel as I write and will put lilo on a floppy when that is done.

I feel better already :-)
Paul Schwartz

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