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Re: Install confusion

Andreas Janssen wrote:


Paul Schwartz (<brpms@earthlink.net>) wrote:

After reading about using the F3 key at the initial boot screen from
Woody CD#1, I decided  to try it.

At the boot: prompt I typed bf24
and sent the install on its way.  Answered all the questions, made a
boot floppy, and rebooted using said boot floppy.

Result: the new boot floppy was identical to the original; my kernal
was still 2.2.xx-idepci
Why didn't I get the bf24 kernal?

Maybe 2.4 is installed on your hard disk, but 2.2.20idepci was used for
the boot floppy. What is the name of the kernel image in /boot? It
should be vmlinuz-2.4.18-bf2.4. If it is, you can create a new boot
floppy using that kernel. You can also choose only to install the boot
loader on the floppy disk, but use the kernel from the hard disk, by
telling lilo to use /dev/fd0 as the boot device. Or you install the
bootloader in your MBR and don't use the floppy at all.

best regards
       Andreas Janssen

All of the files in /boot are 2.2.20 version, so none of the bf24 kernel was installed.

What are some of the gotchas that could be causing it to ignore the bf24 input to boot:?


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