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Re: Debian Box and ADSL


On Tue Dec 16, 2003 at 10:02:41AM +0200, David Baron wrote:
> 1. Now I need to know how to get this done on bootup or on logon--without
> pppd into neverland (happened once!).

Edit your /etc/ppp/peers/provider file and add following content:

# These are the options to dial out to your default service provider.
# Please customize them correctly. Only the "provider" file will be
# handled by poff and pon (unless with extra command line arguments).

# You usually need this if there is no PAP authentication

# The chat script (be sure to edit that file, too!)
#connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/provider"

# Set up routing to go through this PPP link

# Default modem (you better replace this with /dev/ttySx!)

# Speed

# Keep modem up even if connection fails
maxfail 0

# use pptp as connection manager
pty "pptp --nolaunchpppd"

# username

All other options should be turned off. Then test your configuration
through a simple

# pon

command. This should fire up the adsl connection. A simple

# poff

will turn it off. To make adsl available at boot time simply rename
/etc/ppp/no_ppp_on_boot to /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot.

> 2. Then, some sort of simple-to-configure-and-use firewall.

shorewall is simple and powerful (and in debian ;-).

> Once all this is up and running, I would like to upload a doc
> somewhere concisely saying how I got it up. The main instruction came
> from a knoppix document, that in German, plus several others.
> Somewhere along the line, a script with a UI to get this done more
> painlessly would be in order.

Go ahead and type it...  ;-)

So long

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