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General debian questions

I had some general questions about debian.
Is their any fundamental reason why apt-get could not use rsync in
addition to it's current method?
This should be inherently faster.??

Creating iso image from jigdo-file.
Assume I want to add in some additional packages onto my stable install cd.
Just do thus:
apt-get -d install packages.
Then copy the deb files to my loopback mounted jigdo iso cd image.
I could then install them with dpgk -i packagename.
How hard is it to make it so apt-get when pointing to the cd as a
repositry, can install the packages correctly?

I was planning to recompile my kernel and include the 2.4.22-1-686 kernel
on the stable install cd.
The problem I am encountering is stable won't see the network card on new
machines such as the e1000 card on some integrated motherboards.
So I have to take the machine apart and stick in a old card, get the
network working, then download a new kernel.
I don't want testing,knoppix,redhat CD's.
I want a 1 cd 1 boot installation solution.

Do you think we are going to have some gpg checking of packages, as the
default for apt-get anytime soon?

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